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Technical Sales Officers in Fish - Jan 2020

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If you're willing to work hard, learn fast and implement,

If you aim for a stable income, life stability with a standard company,

If you've any experience in Aquaculture or Aqua Health Care,

Then you've come to the right place for you.

You'll be intensively trained with Unique Protocols to implement in Fish Ponds,

And you'll be provided with necessary tool kits to take action!

Your Typical workday will look like: 

5am-11am : Pond Visits & Prescriptions

4pm-7pm   : At Dealer shops

With perfect platform like Blueweight you can thrive in evergreen field of Aquaculture.


Send in your resume, you will get an immediate response.

If you have any questions meanwhile, write an email to info@blueweight.com

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