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       from a dream to reality...       


The Personnel from Blueweight are in the Aquaculture and animal healthcare field since 1983.

Whatever the technological product you're taking from Blueweight- is essentially the sweat and

hard work of Chemists, Chemical Engineers, Sr. Aqua Technicians who have worked on it for decades.

Blueweight Biotech is a specialty formulations company engaged in development, manufacture and marketing of qualitative feed supplements. We are the leading exporters of Growth promoters and Immuno stimulants in the Animal Feed Supplement Sector. Committed to 'Serve Animal feed supplements Worldwide', we produce a comprehensive range of specialty products targeting different therapeutic segments for rapid growth in Aquaculture, Poultry and Veterinary, customised to each market we are present in. We clearly understand our customer’s needs and use cutting edge technology to present innovative solutions. Our business includes Branded Formulations in emerging markets of Asia and Africa, Formulations in the developed markets of USA, Canada and Institution sales.

Blueweight Biotech, Company has been created to produce and market apex quality feed Supplements in entire world and has been in continuous operation. Headquarters and operations are located in India, USA & Canada,  The company operates out of an 100,000 Sq. Ft. facility, and employs approximately thirty people in India. 

Meet The Team

IMG_2306 professional pic.jpg


Krishna Kishore Junga, Director

MS in Chemical Engineering, Canada

- Chemical Engineer

- Gold Medalist & Scholarship Holder

- Recognized Aquaculture Expert

- Expert in Probiotics & Fermentation

- R & D Director of Blueweight



Dass J Y, CTO

Chief Technical Officer, INDIA

- Top 10 Fish Health Care Expert in India

- 40 Years of Vast Fish Health Consultant

- Recognized Aquaculture Expert

- Expert at Farmer Services

- Director of the Field Research




Chief Operating Officer, INDIA

- Oversees Production Operations

- Electrical & Electronic Engineer

- Recognized Aquaculture Expert

- Expert at Farmer Services

- Director of the Field Research

Old Factory Premises Unit 2

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