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Microcystis Control in Shrimp Ponds - Farmer Satisfaction - Mr. Nagamalleswar Rao.

As Part of Regular Interaction with Farmers, the Blueweight has gathered a beautiful feedback from a Shrimp Farmer Mr. Nagamalleswara Rao, who has got Microcystis in his pond at DOC 35 and solve it very well. The Pond is located at Pallevada Village, Krishna district, AP India.

Pond Images of Microcystis Problem in His Pond (Before Treatment)

After seeing the above scenes, the farmer felt very bad as it is very uninviting to visit his pond daily. This condition is not only harmful to shrimp but also humans as well, the microcyst is a Hepatotoxin, that destroys the Shrimp's Hepatopancreas, and many farmers have harvested at DOC 30 and lost investments worth lakhs. If they would've know that Blueweight's Innovation Cyano Pro, they would have a greater chance to come out of it.

The Farmer was aware of Blueweight, and visited the factory depo located at Akividu, W.G Dist, which is 8km away from his pond. The Blueweight's Akividu depo Head Mr. Ramesh Y guided him how to solve this issue.

First, Blueweight's Depo Head Mr. Ramesh, asked the pH of his pond which is at 8.4. Because if the pH is high, like above 9.1, any treatment would not work as it should. And also asked the farmer to do his complete water parameter report on the first hand to see how are the other water paramaters.

After observing the condition, he recommended the farmer to apply Blueweight's Cyano Pro to apply in this 500gm/acre now and another 500gm/acre after 5 days. The time of application is at 8am, before it is very sunny. He asked the farmer to take large amounts of water (boat load) to mix the required quantity of Cyano Pro, while applying. He also cautioned the farmer to not fill any bore water during this period. And also told to avoid or minimise the mineral application for this period of 5 days.

Because, Microcystis grows rapidly in the presence of Phosphorous and Sunlight in the pond water, so here we are minimising the entry of Phosphorous into the system.

Here's the result after the application of Second dose of Cyano Pro

Completely solved by 7th day. An Organic Action of Powerful Probiotic is a Boon To Aquaculture. Because the Cyano Pro consists of specially culture Bacillus Species that breakdown the phosphorous which makes Microcyst go away.

Now, don't hesitate to visit us Blueweight if you have this Issue.


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