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Apply for Todologo in Aquaculture Healthcare Company

If you're willing to work hard, learn and implement,

If you aim for a stable income, life stability with a standard company,

  • Be with our director for the establishment of the company.

  • Must Be English Speaking.

  • Must Possess Vehicle - Gas expense will be covered.

  • Full-day work hours

  • Good communication, Dedication, and Honesty is a must.

  • Travel to Government departments.

  • Must be willing to travel - License mandatory

  • Move close with our director to make Business contacts locally.

  • Oversee General Operations.

  • Salary: 500USD/Month at the beginning.

With perfect platform like Blueweight you can thrive in evergreen field of Aquaculture.


Send in your resume, you will get an immediate response.

If you have any questions meanwhile, write an email to

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