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Project: Blueweight's iBoat 


To Create a Small Economical Ship in order to Distribute Liquid Chemicals in ponds over areas ranging from 10-100 Acres.

Let's take a Sample Pond of an Area of 27 Acres. See the following google image of the pond.

Boat's Start 
& End point

The boat has to travel along drawn path (3.36 km, at least in one charge), along with its function of pumping chemicals in its path. It can be controlled manually through Remote (RC Boat) to travel along that path.  Or it can be programmed with a GPS system to follow a predefined path. For the time being, its our choice to go for an RC boat powered with Gasoline or Battery.

Size & Power

Beam Length

(to be expanded)

We think of a very portable size RC boat that can be lifted by a human. The boat in the above picture is the length of the boat I aim. Usually the above boat (HPR 233 by outerlimits is high powered) has very high speeds like ~75-90km/hr for playing and recreational purposes. But iBoat is not for recreational purposes. Keeping in mind the application of iBoat, low speeds like 15-20 km/hr is sufficient. However iBoat, is assembled with a part (called LPU12) which has some weight. In iBoat, the beam length of the boat should be expanded relatively, to have greater stability and carry substantial weight.

LPU12 (Liquid Processing Unit)

LPU12, the most important part that has to be fabricated and installed on the iBoat. It has three important parts


1. Re-Circulation pump (to pump the water from the pond and distribute it like a spray)

2. Chemical Drum (of capacity 100 liters to hold the chemical.)

3. Injector Pump (To inject chemical from the Drum to the Re-circulation pump)

2. Chemical Drum

1. Recirculating pump

3. Injector Pump


(to run the stirrer inside

for mixing purpose)

Suction Pipe

(of recirculating pump that is always dipped inside the pond water)


(of recirculating pump that distributes the liquids on the pond's surface)

Water Inlet to the Drum

(to dilute the chemical inside)


For LPU12 Dimensions

Explaining LPU12 in detail : Watch Video

iBoat's Broad Picture : Watch Video

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